About Gwen

Gwen Fulton is a Spiritual Advisor. She became a legally ordained minister on October 31st 2001. She has been doing Tarot readings for family, friends and aquaintences for the last 13 years. After hearing many times over that she should become a professional Tarot reader, she finally took that advice in 2010. She gives spiritual guidance to clients using Tarot cards as an intuitive tool which enhances her empathic ability. Applying her knowledge of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology and other forms of Divination – she is able to get a very clear reading for each of her clients. She is currently available to give Phone-In Tarot readings Thursday nights from 6pm to 9pm each week. Please call 715-896-4997 to schedule an appointment with her. She also offers one question readings by email. If you are interested in the email option, please send your request to guidancebygwen@yahoo.com. In the future, she will be providing Astrology & Numerology reports. For information on the cost of each of her services, please visit the Schedule An Appointment page. She will occasionally give out exclusive discounts for services as a thank you to those following her on social networks. Be sure to “follow” her on Twitter and/or “like” her business page on Facebook to enjoy all of the rewards!

* All readings are confidential & your information will never be shared with anyone. *

Are you curious about my empathic ability or how my business began?
Then please visit my Biography page for the answers!


“When I give spiritual readings it’s as if I just took a photograph of one moment in time. Then, I use my empathic ability to look at that “photo” and intuitively see details that you may have overlooked or are unable to see because you’re emotionally involved. We’re not able to be truly objective about our own personal issues. Which is why we turn to our loved ones for advice and support. Yet, there are times when even they are unable to be objective enough about certain issues, as they are just as deeply involved themselves. This is when my skills become very valuable to you. As I’m able to give objective spiritual guidance in regard to your issue by tuning into the energy and emotions around you and those in your life. I promise to give you guidance with kindness and compassion. You can also be assured that each of our conversations will be kept 100% confidential. Trust is always the foundation to a good relationship and that is true of the relationships that I have with my clients. Always remember that nothing is “carved in stone” or fated. You have free will to make the choices that will lead you to have the life that you want live. Never allow anyone, including yourself, to hold you back from making your dreams into reality! Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!”

~ Rev. Gwen L. Fulton ~


* The law requires Gwen to inform you of the following important legal disclaimer *
“I am NOT a licenced therapist, doctor or laywer. My services are for entertainment purposes only and are NOT a substitue for psychological care, medical treatment or legal advice. If you require any of those services, please seek out a licenced or certified professional in the appropriate area.”

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